Career Coaching

“Embrace your values, define your purpose and create your vision for moving forward.”

Peter C. Diamond

Everyone’s career situation is different. It is very personal. What you want, and get, out of your career affects your health, your family, your financial well-being and your life. Understanding where you are, where you want to go and then creating a plan to get there is an evolving conversation. Executive coach and author Peter Diamond believes that effective career coaching is grounded in respect, openness, compassion, empathy and a commitment to speaking the truth. It is not a linear process but a progressive conversation individually tailored to the needs of each client.

From Peter’s perspective, every situation has possibilities and people really do have the power of choice in their lives. Peter’s role in the coaching process is to listen, to look beyond the obvious and to help you uncover your truths. He pulls disparate thoughts together in a meaningful way and creatively articulates insights that will help move you forward.

As a certified coach, Peter takes a pledge of confidentiality and holds to the highest level of integrity in his practice.

Discovery, Exploration, Action

Peter brings a level of simplicity and eloquence to his coaching. In a safe, non-judgmental environment he helps you set dynamic goals, articulate your core belief system (vision, values, purpose) and understand the saboteurs that may be holding you back. He challenges you in a thoughtful manner to help you realize your core strengths and interests, explore strategic behavioral changes and develop action plans that can empower your career situations.

How Long Does it Take?

On average, sessions last approximately 60 minutes. With most clients, significant results can be seen in approximately six sessions. To learn more about how working with a career coach can help you, schedule a free consultation with Peter Diamond.

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